Are you feeling lonely, unfulfilled, waiting for something to happen? Have you complained that whatever “it” is has not happened? Maybe a friend has made a suggestion about how to increase the chance of finding what you want and you have said, “I tried that and it didn’t work?” Have you given up expecting that opportunity to arise? You are not alone. You have plenty of company but that doesn’t mean you are on the right track!

Just because you haven’t found what you are looking for doesn’t mean it’s not there. Have you ever looked for your car keys, or ear bud, or a sheet of paper and said, “It’s gone, I’ve looked everywhere!” Then maybe a few seconds later, or a few minutes later, or a few days later – there it is. I once looked for an earring that belonged to my great grandmother. I lost it one winter day and looked all over for it. I was so sad to have lost it but it was no where to be found – until the following spring. I got out of my car and there, in the parking lot was that gold earring. The snow had melted enough that I could see it. Over the several months it sat in the parking lot it had not been damaged in any way. How could that be? Cars had pulled in, parked and pulled out of that space all winter long.  That delicate, little earring had never been touched.

I never lost hope that I would find it. I kept looking. I was open to the possibility that I would find it. When I saw that little bit of gold color on the wet, broken asphalt I got out of the car to look at what was there. Being open to possibility allows us to find what we are looking for even when it seems impossible.

Closing yourself to possibility may even prevent you from recognizing that which you are hoping to find even when it is staring you in the face. More on that in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Be Open to Possibility

  1. Susan,
    Every time I read anything by you, or about you, I am inspired.
    You are one of those people that we all want to be around in hopes your wisdom and positive outlook might rub off.

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