Believe in yourself. What does that mean? Do you believe in yourself? Do you “own” what you have accomplished, what you are capable of doing? Do you think about the difference your “being” in this world makes for those you meet, those you know, those you love? Are these questions foreign to you?

Why would I ask so many questions to begin one blog?  Because I want you to experience the niggle that comes from contemplating such thoughts. We are taught from childhood to think of others. Some of us find that easy. If you fall into that category this blog posting is for you. If your focus is more inward, this blog is for you too. Here’s why. Considering the power your existence has on others is important.

Knowing the “power of you” will help you exercise that power effectively. If you are really skilled at your work, no matter what the work is, you will have a positive impact on those with whom you work. If your gifts align with helping others, imagine how that touches lives. If you teach and are surrounded by learners, your words can change the world for those who experience your gifts.

I encourage you to take a moment or an hour to think about the impact your life has one those around you. Believe in yourself and your impact on others. See what you offer as real gifts that can only be opened as others experience them. Believe in yourself.

Now go out into the world and do what you do best. The world needs you.

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