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Discover your passions, identify your values, define your path to create your purposeful life.  Doesn’t that sound like something you wish you could do?  Well, you can.  All it takes is realizing you need to focus on yourself. Then do something about it.

With more than 20 years as a business owner and more than 45 years in the world of work I welcome you to SKR Coaching & Consulting Spirit-Led Retreats!  Click here to learn more about the July 2011 retreats.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  You deserve it!

As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, spiritual entrepreneur, community activist, tutor, trainer, facilitator and friend I welcome you into a warm and safe environment where you can spend precious time caring for yourself. The weekend retreats include the DiSC behavioral preference assessment, your personalized report, creating a Values Vignette, guided meditations, small group discussions, plenty of time to reflect and enjoy the setting and an opportunity to plan your first step to integrating your values and passions into your life.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to one of the July retreats.

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