This morning I was thinking about a presentation I will be making very soon. I have been worrying about what I can say in 10 minutes that willI delight, intrigue and draw the audience into my book, Breathe Into Wisdom. I am anxious that I may not be able to bring them into the experience of knowing we each create our own reality by the way in which we reflect each moment.

I stopped briefly to remind myself of what I already know – being anxious (anxiety) and worrying are not helpful. I asked myself, “In what way will anxiety and worry help prepare me for this opportunity?” The answer, even before I finished asking the question was, “It won’t, never has, never will.”

Then I realized I have known this for a long time, I just needed to remember what I already knew.

What is there that you already know but need to remember? How will that remembering change your moment, your day, your life? How will it help you fulfill your purpose right now?

4 thoughts on “Remember What You Already Know

  1. Susan, you are an inspiration. I feel that when a person is passionate about something, an idea, an artistic endeavor, supporting another person, that this passion shines through in all that you do. No worry can overcome that. Sue Goeddeke

  2. “being anxious (anxiety) and worrying are not helpful”, this is the line I repeat to myself way often. Thank you for your writing. Now I know I am not alone on this. Yifan

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