On this day of memories it seems a more poignant question to ask yourself. What are you waiting for? What stops you from cradling your life in the precious way you think of another’s life? This day, this present day, is all you have. This is YOUR life. If you have been waiting to go somewhere, do something, tell someone something important. What are you waiting for?

You urge others to do what is in their best interest. Take time today to urge yourself to take action. Do what you yearn for. Begin to treat today as the present it is meant to be. It may take the rest of your life to achieve what you want in a relationship, in a career, in a gift you would love to offer. At some point, if you really want to achieve it, you must begin and today is a start.

After all, what are you waiting for?

One thought on “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. What a great post on 9-11. Another great message of inspiration. Thanks Susan!!
    PS I don’t know what I’m waiting for!

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