Your energy has great power. It is actually transmitting itself to others. When you have joy and peace others can absorb it. Likewise, when you have pain or anxiety others pick that up. How does that happen? Can energy actually be transmitted?

Can you feel love when your children look at you? When that child cuddles up to you and gives you the gift of holding another life in your arms – that feeling is your ability to receive and send your energy of love. Each person in the universe comes with an “energy synthesizer” just made to work with others in the world. The energy of love shared with pets is just as valid as and comes from the same place as the love shared between people.

I even talk to my plants – though I must admit I do call them all “girls” or “ladies” I send my love out to them and receive great joy from them. People have said I have a “green” thumb but I believe it starts in my heart!

When I hear people say they enjoy being with me, I know it is my willingness to share my energy with them. It is a lot like love, the more positive energy we share, the more positive energy we receive,

Who can you energize positively today? Go out and get busy. You’ll be glad you did.

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